A favicon is the little image that shows up next to the title of your account in every major web browser.  It also gets used for mobile users who add it to their home screen.

All accounts come standard with the MemberVault logo, but this can now be changed so you can fully brand the account to your liking.

This is helpful for (a) YOU, if you save your account to your own home screen, so you can quickly and easily see quiz answers from your people, edit products, grab links to share on social, etc AND (b) make it easy for your people to access your content quickly from their devices (aka phone/tablet/etc) without having to remember or find the URL for your MV site.

👆👆👆imagine how nice that could be for your membership/group program/mastermind/1:1 peeps

Want to set this up in your account?

Simply go to Settings / General and scroll to the bottom.  You can upload any PNG, but we recommend using a 32 x 32 px square for most users or 192 x 192 px for people who want high res icons that look crisp as mobile bookmarks.

(you can use a bigger size if you find your icon comes out looking a little pixelated, but if you go too big you can slow down your site)

As soon as you click save, you should see the new icon.  If you don't simply clear your cache and check again.

You can easily use Canva to create a quick fav icon design for your account, even if you don't have an official logo! 

Here's a fast how to (no audio, just a visual walk thru):