There are many reasons why you might want to review what specific products one of your users has access to. 

To get this information, go to your MV Admin Dashboard and select Users and then List. This will populate a full list of all of your users: 

Find the user who's product access you wish to review and click the Edit option to the right of the user's name/email/signup. 

This will open up the User's Profile area for this particular user. Select the 'Products' option:

Once this area is expanded, you will see the full list of products within your account. The user has access to any of the product's that have been checked off in the left side column. 

To add additional product access for the user, simply check off the product you want to give them access to and click Save User. 

If you wish to remove access to a product, uncheck the checkbox and click Save User. 

Question? Reach out to us at or within The MV Collaborative, our user-based FB Group.