Quite often, users want to offer a paid product for a limited time and then close the ability for people to purchase after the launch period ends. This is known as 'closing cart' and is quite easy to do in MemberVault. 

When you're ready to 'close cart' for the sales of your product, there are two steps you'll want to take.

First, change the product's type from Active to 'Invisible'. This will ensure that visitors will no longer be able to see the product as an Available Product when visiting your account's Teaser Page. 

Those who have already purchased will still be able to access the product when it is set to Invisible. 

Next, you'll want to adjust the product's sign-up option from Payment to 'None'. This step will ensure that anyone who has access to the product's teaser link will no longer be able to purchase. They would still be able to see the product because they have the product's link - but they will not be able to join. 

Down the road, if you wish to 're-open' the product for sales, just reverse these steps and reset your product to 'Active' with a sign-up option of 'Payment'. 

However - if your product is 'date-dripped' re-opening your product is not ideal as you cannot reset the drip dates without affecting the access of those who have already purchased the product in past. In a scenario like this, you'd be best to create a new version of the product for your next launch cycle. 

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