Conditional content is one of the wonders of Active Campaign. You can showcase certain text/images to people with a certain tag or criteria in a mass email. 

For example: In every email we send, there are at least 3 conditional content blocks at the footer of the email, with specific links back to our binge & buy marketplace that will appeal to different tag groups (i.e. non-users, free users, and paid users). 

We have this set up as an email template so it is easy to include in every email!

This is what it looks like. 

And you can easily set up conditional content in your own emails! Just click on the gear icon on the right side of any text, image, etc while editing an email in Active Campaign. 

Here's a step-by-step: 

Use cases:

  • Show certain content inside your Subscriber Hub to different tag groups
  • Show a different message to people that have completed your Subscriber Hub