I like to make sure ALL subscribers have access so that I can reference content inside the Subscriber Hub in every single email I send to my list. 

Make your Sub Hub part of the value that you bring, and make it easy for your subscriber to log in any time they hear from you.

Example of the footer included in every email we send:

Step 1: Create an automation that gives automatic access to your Subscriber Hub (via webhook) when someone joins any list.

To get your webhook, log into your MemberVault account and go to settings > advanced integration > click the drop down for Active Campaign.


Step 2: Make sure that your existing subscribers have access (as the above automation will only impact NEW subscribers). 

Two options to give access to your existing subscribers:

  • you can either do the one click button inside your MemberVault account to add access
  • you can bulk add them to the automation inside of Active Campaign by going to contacts > edit all > add to automation.

I personally don't include a welcome email as again, I include links to the Subscriber Hub (or in our case, our MemberVault Home Base) in every email.