NOTE:  Please understand that all Custom CSS changes like this are "Coloring outside the lines" and we can't officially support or help with issues regarding custom CSS.  We're happy to show you what other users have done, but these aren't official features.  If you run into issues, consider hiring someone to help, or not using CSS.

Most people find the color/logo options standard in MemberVault to be adequate.  However, some people might have a stronger desire to customize the look and feel of their account.  While the layout is fixed, there are a number of things you can do with the Custom CSS settings...including changing the fonts in your account.

Changing Fonts

Although you can use any font service, I recommend using Google Fonts.  Here is a step by step:

  1. Go to , and find a font and click on it.

2. Click "Select This Font" in the upper right corner.  When the pop up comes up, click @IMPORT

3.  In MemberVault, go to Settings / General / Advanced Settings and open the Custom CSS box.  First you need to copy and paste the import script line.  (NOT THE SCRIPT TAGS.. just the line from @ to ;).

Now you can use this font for the body text, or header text, or both.  For Body Font, enter a line that says:
body{ CSS FONT FROM ABOVE IMAGE } . (in this example: font-family: 'Ubuntu', sans-serif; )

For Header Font, enter a line that says:
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 { CSS FONT FROM ABOVE IMAGE } . (in this example: font-family: 'Ubuntu', sans-serif; )

If you set both header and body text, your code should look like this:

Once you have added your Custom CSS, save your settings using the 'Save Advanced Settings' button at the bottom of the Advanced Settings area. 

Note - changes made to the Custom CSS area will only take effect in the user side of your account. To test that your custom font settings are in place, visit your account's Marketplace. If you want the custom font settings to also be in place for the backend of your account (ie. your admin view), make sure to add the same code to the 'Custom Admin CSS' field.