Gifs are a great way to make your content all the more engaging. We're big fans of gifs around here, so it's only natural that we'd recommend adding them to your content!

Here's the easy step-by-step to start adding some extra flavor to your content.

Step 1: Choose your gif of choice over at

Step 2: Right click and select 'Save Image As'.

Step 3: Decide where to save the file on your computer and save. 

Step 4:
Log into your MemberVault account, go to the content that you want to add your gif to and click insert image. Then click on the second tab labeled "Upload".

Step 5: Click on "Browse for an image" and find your gif or drop your gif into the box. Personal preference! (Side note: be sure to rename the gif file, as it'll download with the generic name "giphy.gif. This becomes a problem when you have a bunch of images all with the same file name.)

Step 6: Add your image title, and hit "OK". 

Step 7: You're done! Save your content, and you now have some giphy gif flavor in your content!! 


Want to make your own gifs? You have a couple of different options. If you're a mac user, you can snag the free Giphy Capture program right here

If you're a PC user, or want more control over your gif creations then I recommend a Adobe Photoshop license and following this tutorial. Or you can also create basic gifs using Canva Work!

Happy gif-ing!! 💪