Captions are an amazing way to increase your reach, and accessability for users. But it can be expensive to PAY for captions on every video you create. 

That's why we love the ability to use your FB live videos, add captions for free via FB and then embed those videos inside your MemberVault products. 

Granted, that isn't the answer for every video. Sometimes, like for a paid product, you wouldn't want your video to be publicly accessible. In which case, we recommend paying to handle your captions. They are super reasonably priced, and crazy fast. 

But for videos that CAN be public, consider using FB live on your page or in your group. Consider it re-purposing your content and getting even more reach out of each video.

Also, don't discount the option of bundling a bunch of your FB lives into a low cost offer. Bloggers have been doing this for years now by taking a bunch of their blog posts, and turning it into a purchasable book.

People love the convenience, yo!

Adding captions to your FB live video is as easy as 1...2...3.


Record your live.


Click on the video (from desktop, not mobile), and go up to the top right corner where there are three dots. Click that and select "Edit Video". 

*Side note: this is also where you get the embed code to drop the video into your MemberVault content -- module or lesson levels*

Select "Subtitles & Captions" on the right hand side. Choose your video language, and then click the circle next to "English: Auto-Generated" to select it.

Then click save, refresh your video and whala...CAPTIONS! 

NOW...these captions aren't perfect. There will be mistakes. For example, MemberVault is often auto-captioned as "memorable". Which, hey, we are. 😂

If you need perfect captions, you'll either need to edit the auto-captions by clicking the pencil icon next to "English: Auto-Generated" or use a paid service like 

Happy video-ing!