If you're running a membership or other paid offer that includes a FB group community, this is an excellent way to organize any FB lives you do in the group. 

Or if you have a free FB live show that you run on your FB page, put your best episodes into your free resource hub. 

OR you can create a video series freebie using topic specific FB lives (i.e. if you did a few FB lives around meal prepping, or how to get people to open emails, etc). 

One of my favorite parts of embedding FB lives into MV is the ability to also auto-generate captions for free via FB. See here how to do that.

How to Embed Your FB Live Video:

Step 1:

Choose an existing video, or record a new FB live video. Click on the video (via desktop, not mobile) and click on the three little dots at the top right corner.

Step 2:

Click on "Embed" and then decide whether you want to include the entire post in your MemberVault content, or the video only. If video only, copy the <iframe> text provided. 

If you want to include the full post, click the box for "include full post" and then copy the <iframe> text provided.

Step 3: 

Log into your MemberVault dashboard. Go to the product you want to embed the FB live into (or create a new one, if you're making a video series product), and navigate to the module or lesson that you want to add the video.

Click the <> source code icon.

Step 4:

Paste the <iframe> code that you copied from FB into the box, and click OK.

And TADAH! Your video is embedded!! 🙌 

Now, if you're creating a video series, you would simply create a module/single lesson for each video.

We recommend also including quiz questions for each video (i.e. what would you like to learn more about on X and/or how could I make this even more helpful for you?) AND having a bonus module that unlocks once they go through the full video series, or a portion of it. Here's how to set that up.

And if you want to offer your video series for free, here's how to set that up or if you want to charge for it, here's how.

If things have changed on FB's end and what you see doesn't look like our screenshots, please let us know so we can update it! Email us at hello@membervault.co or hit us up in chat (bottom right corner).