Although most of the button labels in MemberVault are fixed, there are a couple work arounds to overriding these defaults.*  You can use custom Javascript to achieve this.  Simply go to Settings / General.  On the right hand side, expand the Advanced Settings and locate the Custom Javascript box.

Copy and paste the below code in there, and customize what's inside html('') and save.  You can currently override the "View Teaser Content".   We'll add more as needed.

This method DOES come with a few warnings:

  • Be careful copy and paste this code exactly and don't edit anything outside the single quotes (unless you know what you're doing).  You could introduce a Javascript error that will break things for your users.  If something does get messed up, you can delete everything in the box, save and try again.
  • You won't see these changes in the admin preview.  It will only show up on the public teaser and user sections.  So to test, go to /teaser, or log in as a user
  • You might experience a "flicker" when the page loads as the custom code swaps out the default text for the custom text.  This is normal and not a bug.  At some point in the future, when we let you edit these in the settings, this will be corrected.

Here is the code:

$( document ).ready(function() {

$('.js_mv_label_teaser').html('Custom View Teaser');
$('.js_mv_label_learn').html('Custom Learn More');
$('.js_mv_label_view').html('Custom View Product');


Check out this article to customize your login page: