ActiveCampaign is rolling out its Conversations feature, which is a fully integrated chat featured tied to your AC account.  Installing this feature in your MemberVault account will make the user experience and engagement tracking much more powerful.

Getting Access to Conversations

At the time of writing this article, Conversations is in private beta and anyone with an ActiveCampaign account should be able to apply inside your dashboard or here:

Installing Conversations on MemberVault

If you haven't already done so, log into your ActiveCampaign, go to Settings, then Conversations.  Here you can turn it on, and set up the look and feel of your chat window.  Once it's on, head over to Tracking.

Conversations is really just an extension of Site Tracking, so you'll want to turn that on if it's not already on.  You'll also want to add the URL for your MemberVault account(s) in here, and make sure Site Tracking and Conversations is checked off.

Once that's done, simply copy the entire tracking code provided here, and paste it in MemberVault's Custom Javascript Setting (located in Settings/General/Advanced).  Click Save, and you should be all set up!

Testing Conversations

To test the feature is working correctly, simply go to ANY teaser or user page.  You will NOT see the chat bubble inside your admin.  


Conversations and Automations

Did you know you can now start automations from new conversations?!  Check out their documentation here:

Have a Team?

If you have a team logging into your ActiveCampaign, you can give them access to view/respond to new conversations.