If you ever want to export one of your products and import it into a different account, you're in luck!  This feature is still in beta and therefore doesn't copy over images and file attachments yet.*  It does, however, copy over ALL product settings, modules, lessons, and quiz questions.

Export Product

Click on "Products", and click on the gear icon next to the product you want to export. 
Click the "Export Product" button.
You should be prompted to download the file. (mv_product_[ID].json)

Import Product

In the account you want to Import the Product, click on "Add Product".  At the bottom, click on "Import a Product" to expand it, and select the MV file you downloaded in the previous step.

Click "Import Product" and you should be redirected to the Products List page and see your new product!

* At this time, product/module images and file downloads are not included in the import.  So you'll want to go through the product and upload any images/files you need.  We will included these images/files in the future.