Once you have your products loaded into MemberVault, and it's time to share them with your audience, you have a number of options on how to do that.

1. Share All Products

If you want to share your site with someone who does not yet have an account so they can see what products you have available to opt-in to or purchase, you'll want to direct them to your site's main page which is found by going to your account's general URL:

Example: https://youraccountname.vipmembervault.com

Sending them to this page, allows them to explore your available products and opt-in or purchase without having an account.

2.  Share a Single Product

If you want to send someone directly to a product, log into your admin account and go to Products in your left-side menu and click on the Gear Icon next to the product you want to share.  

This will open a pop-up that presents a few options.

To share your specific product with someone, use the 'Product Link' option. This will take the person directly to that product's main page so they can learn more about it and make a decision to opt-in or purchase. 

3.  Share a Product's One-Click Link with a Specific Person

You might be personally chatting with or emailing a person and want to give them an easy "one-click" link to get into a product they own. We make this super easy for you to do.  

Head over to the person's User Profile and expand their Products section. Click on the gear icon next to the product you want to share with them.

This will open a pop-up menu that will show that one-click link to that product with that specific person's email address pre-populated for the username & password. 

If you want to share a product's one-click link with everyone who has access to that product, please do so using your linked email service and by following the directions in this article.

Still have questions? Reach out using the Chat Support within your account or by email at hello@membervault.co or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.