Once you have your products loaded into MemberVault, and it's time to share them with your audience, you have a number of options on how to do that.

1. Share All Products

If you want a public user to be able to browse and signup/buy ALL of your products, you might want to share your teaser link.  To get this, simply log out and click on "View Teaser Content" on the login screen.  This takes you to a page that is publicly viewable by people who are not logged into your account.  This lets them explore, sign up and buy without being logged in.

2.  Share a Single Product

If you want to send a public user directly to a product, simply log into the Admin, click on "Products", and click on the Gear Icon next to the product you want to share.  Copy the "Teaser Link" and you can share that directly with people who might not have an account with you yet, but can use this to sign up.  If you do NOT see this link, it is likely because you don't have a Sign Up Option enabled for that product.

3.  Share a Product/Module/Lesson with a Current User

The first 2 options are for public users that do NOT already have a MemberVault account with you.  Those links allow them to sign up / buy and get an account created for them.  You might also want to bulk add users to a product (see Bulk Adding Instructions), and then give your users a direct link to to that product, module, or lesson.

To get this link, simply click on the gear icon next to any product, module or lesson.  Use the "one-click link" for embedding this into your email service provider (like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc).  This link will automatically log them in and take them right to the product / module / lesson

You can also copy the "User Link" if you are sending this link to a User who already has an account.  It will prompt them to log in if they aren't already.

4.  Share Personal One-Click

You might be personally chatting with or emailing a user and want to give them an easy "one-click" link to get into a product.  We make this super easy for you to do.  Simply edit the user (by clicking on their name, or searching in Users).  Then expand Products.  Click on the gear icon next to the product you want to link them too.

Still have questions? Reach out using the Chat Support within your account or by email at hello@membervault.co or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.