*Note - this process can also be used for other tracking pixels such as Google Analytics.

Basic Tracking

Generate the Pixel Code in the Ad Manager.  You should get something like this.

Copy this code and follow these quick steps in MemberVault:

  1. Go to the General Settings within your admin dashboard (under the main Settings tab). 
  2. On the right-hand side, expand the ‘Advanced Settings’ area. This will display a text box for Custom CSS & Custom JavaScript. 
  3. Paste your FB pixel base code in the Custom JavaScript text box (as shown below) and click ‘Save Advanced Settings’.

CONGRATS! Your MV account is now pixeled!  And all public and logged in users will trigger this pixel.

Tracking Sales Views / Conversions

If you want to use this pixel for retargeting and testing conversions, we recommend using Facebook's events code.

In MemberVault, edit the product you want to track, and scroll to the "Sign Up Options" section.  Every sign-up option will have a Teaser View Tracking code, and if your sign up option is Form or Paid, you'll also get a Conversion Tracking code.

We recommend using the "ViewContent" event for the Teaser View:

fbq('track', 'ViewContent');

and "Purchase" for Conversion

fbq('track', 'Purchase');

However, you can use whatever event you like from Facebook.  Anytime the sales/sign up form is viewed, the "ViewContent" event will fire.  If the user completes the purchase or signs up, the "Purchase" event will fire once.