It's quite common that you may need to update content within your product once you have launched and users have access.

Thankfully, MemberVault products are what we like to consider 'living products'. Meaning, you can make updates to your product, modules, lessons and the content within at any time and your users will see those changes as they are saved.

So if you only need to make a few quick changes or add in a new short lesson, etc., there's no need to turn your product 'Inactive'. You can make those changes while the product remains in 'Active' or 'Invisible' status. 

If you need more time to make your changes and additions to your product, we do suggest turning your product to 'Inactive' while you do so. This is to stop your users from seeing 'work in progress'. However, you don't want to leave your product in 'Inactive' status for too long or you'll cause your users frustration. 

Here's a great workaround:

If you want to create a new module or lesson for a product but need time to work on building out the content, etc. - set up a 'Work In Progress' product and set it to 'Inactive' status.

In this product, you can build out your new modules and lessons at your own pace without having to worry that your users will see the content as you are creating it. 

Once the modules or lessons are ready, use the copy feature to add the element to the intended product. You can find the copy feature using the gear icon to the left of the module or lesson in list view. 

After you've copied the module or lesson over to the intended product, you can delete it from your 'Work in Progress' product. 

Questions? Reach out to us at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.