Content creation and product selling is an ever-evolving adventure and process. 

As your business and offers grow (and as you learn), you'll likely encounter times when you need to revise the pricing or payment options you have set for a particular product.

Since MemberVault only provides the connection to PayPal & Stripe, you can revise a product's payment options at any time without affecting the payment terms for past purchases. 

Any changes to payment options will only affect new purchases going forward.

For example - if you offer a membership program on your MV site and your original pricing was $29/month but you are now increasing that price to $39/month...only new purchasers going forward will pay the updated price. Original members who purchased at $29/month would remain at that price point. 

If you want to increase the price for all of your members (both current & future), you would need to update the subscriptions for your current members directly with the payment processor (PayPal or Stripe).