Including your online scheduler or calendar in a product's lesson (or module) will make it very easy for your users to schedule a call with you. 

Use the following process in your 1:1 Service to schedule calls with your ongoing clients or include the scheduler in your Subscriber Hub as a way of offering free consultation/discovery calls.

  1.  Copy the embed code from your online scheduler/calendar for the appointment type you want to include in your lesson. 
  2. Open the particular lesson you wish to add the scheduler to in your product. 
  3. Click on the Source Code icon in the text editor.
  4. When the Source Code screen opens, paste in the embed code you copied from your scheduler below any copy that already exists (do not delete any copy already within the source code area - this will delete the copy/content within your lesson). 
  5. Save the lesson and then test the scheduler by either using the Preview Mode or by loggin in as a user. (The scheduler will NOT appear within the text area in your admin view but it is there.)

Here's a short video tutorial walking you through the above steps:

*NOTE* - depending on the embed code provided by your scheduler, it's possible that the scheduler will not load in Preview Mode. If you experience this, please log in as a user to test - you should see the scheduler in the user view if you've completed the steps correctly. 

If you have any questions about this process, please send us an Intercom Chat message from within your account or email us at