Great question! 

No - we do not charge a service/transaction fee for use of our payment integration feature. We also do not collect any % of your sales revenue from the sale of your products with MemberVault. 

Our payment integration feature provides your users with a direct connection to the payment processor of your choice (PayPal and/or Stripe). MemberVault does not process or store any monies or payment details on your behalf. 

Since there is no administrative support required to facilitate our payment integration, we do not feel it is necessary or fair to charge additional service fees or to collect a % of your sales for the use of this feature. 

The only fee related to your use of MemberVault is your monthly membership cost should you upgrade to a paid plan

That being said, the payment processors that we integrate with may charge additional fees for purchases made through them. Please refer to their support documentation regarding fees:
Stripe Pricing
PayPal Fees

Questions? Reach out to us via email at or using the Intercom Chat within your account.