Pre-selling a new product is an ideal way to get early adopters into your product prior to the live launch. This helps you validate your product and also provides you with a good opportunity for offering an 'early bird' price. 

There are three ways to offer a 'pre-sell' product in MemberVault:

  • Using a date drip set-up that controls the release of your content until the day your product goes 'live'. 
  • Creating a 'promo' product that is used to collect purchases in advance while in the background, you work on creating the real product. Once the launch date arrives, you would then add anyone who purchased the 'promo' product into the real product and send them their access details. 
  • Creating a 'promo' product that has a sign-up option set to 'link' which you use to redirect the user to an external landing page to collect advanced purchases.

Here's a tutorial video that walks you through each of these options:

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