For members who aren't integrated with an email service or for those who only want to add a segment of their list to their MV account, using our Import/Remove feature is a great option for adding or removing users from your account. 

Import Your People

1)  Create a .csv file of your contacts and ensure you include a column for First Name, Last Name & Email Address. 

2)  In your MV Dashboard, select Users > Import.

3)  Upload your .csv file using the 'Choose File' button. 

4)  Once you've selected your list from the file selector, click the 'Import CSV File' button. 

5)  The next step will be to map the fields of your .csv file to MemberVault. Based on your file's examples, map each line to the correct field in the right hand column. 

6)  For the next step, select which product you would like to give these new users access to and then click 'Import Subscribers Now'. 

Note: If you want to give these users access to multiple products, you will need to go through the import process again for each product you want to assign access to. But don't worry, MemberVault won't create duplicate contacts - it will just update the user's access permissions based on the product you select.

After you've finished the Import process, you'll be taken directly to your list of users. 

Remove Your People

1)  Create a .csv file of the contacts you wish to remove. Ensure you have include a column for the user's email address at minimum. 

2)  In your MV Dashboard, select Users > Remove.

3)  Follow steps 3-5 above in the 'Import Your Users' directions.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* This removal process is used to permanently delete users from your MV account - not to remove product access. Once you remove users using your .csv file, all data about that user such as product access, progression and engagement will be deleted and cannot be restored.