While deleting a product, module or lesson only takes a two quick steps, we purposely make this function a wee bit hard to locate as we don't want people deleting their content by mistake. 

If you are certain you wish to delete your product, module or lesson, open the item in question and scroll to the very bottom. 

There you will find a reference to 'Delete [name of product/module/lesson]'.

Use the arrow on the right hand side to expand the Delete feature and display the 'delete button'. 

Click the delete button to delete the item you've selected. 

You will be given one more prompt to confirm your desire to delete the element.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you confirm that you wish to delete the item, the action cannot be undone. 

Question? Reach out to us via email at hello@membervault.co or by using the Intercom Chat within your account.