Before you launch a new product with your audience, it's a great idea to test the user's experience to know just how your users will see & engage with your product. 

There are a few ways that you can achieve this:

Preview Mode:

This allows you to see the content and layout of your product in a quick and easy way from within any level of the product. 

To access the preview mode from within the product, module or lesson level of your product, use the 'preview' hyperlink in the breadcrumbs at the top of your screen.

Testing your product using the 'Preview Mode' is perfect when you want to do a quick review of your copy, images, uploaded files, etc. 

Note: When viewing your product in 'Preview Mode', the system is showing you the product as if you are a user who already has access to the product. This means that you will not see the opt-in form, payment form or 'buy now' button. As well, all modules & lessons will be full accessible - regardless if the product is set to be progressive, time dripped or date dripped. 

Marketplace View:

Every account has a 'products page' where all active products can be seen by ppl who visit your account. This is essentially your 'MV site' where people can see all of your available products for opt-in or purchase. Viewing your own MV site is a great way to view your account from a visitor's perspective (someone who doesn't yet have an account within your MV). 

To access your account's public MV site, simply add 'products' to the end of your account URL.

For example, if your account is then your product page link would be

Each product also has it's own 'product page' which you can access by clicking on the 'Learn More' button for any of your available products when viewing your account's marketplace page. 

You can also get the link to any of your product's teaser/product page from within your admin account. 

Here are the steps to locate a product's link:

1)  Go to the product's page in your account.
2)  Select the 'gear icon' to the right of the product who's teaser page link you want to copy.

3)  Once the gear icon has been selected, a new pop-up window will open displaying a few links and actions for the product. The first link shown will be the product's 'teaser link'. If you are using the new design, you will see a 'Product Link' option instead. 

4)  Copy the link and paste it into the address bar of a new tab to view the specific product's page. 

Viewing your account's marketplace page or a product's page are a great way to test the visitor's experience within your account and products. 

Log In as a User

We always suggest that each MV Admin creates a proper user account within their own MV. This is the perfect way to test the full experience that a user will have once they have access to your product. 

To create a user account for yourself:

1)  Go to 'Users' in your Admin dashboard.
2) Select 'List'.
3) When the User page displays, select the 'Add User' button.
4) Fill in your user details in the User Information form that appears.
5) After filling in your user details, scroll down to the 'Products' section and give yourself access to the product you want to test.
6) Scroll to the bottom and click 'Add User' to save your new user account.
7)  Log out of your admin account and log back in using your new user details.

You will now be able to review your account and the products you gave yourself access to from the authentic user view. This is the exact experience that your users will have once they have opted into or purchased one of your products. 

Note: When creating your user account, it is best to use a different email address than the one associated with your Admin account.

Have any questions? Reach out to us using the Intercom Chat feature within your account, post your question in our user Facebook Group or email us at