An Active Product is considered 'live'. This means users can be given access to the product either manually, by opt-in or purchase (depending on your preference). This also means that the product will show on your Teaser Page and will also show within a user's account under their 'Available Products' section if they don't yet have access to the product in question. The majority of products that you host in MemberVault will be set as Active.

An Inactive Product is essentially 'closed'. When a product is set as Inactive, it will not display on your Teaser Page or under the 'Available Products' section within a user's account - meaning, they cannot gain access. While a product is set to Inactive, any user's who previously had access would no longer be able to access the product. Setting a product to Inactive is ideal when you are building the product or if you want to remove it from availability & access while you make improvements. 

An Invisible Product could also be considered as a 'hidden' product. These products do not show up on your Teaser Page or wtihin the 'Available Products' area of a user's account...BUT anyone who has access to the product can still access it. This product type is ideal for products that are only available for opt-in or purchase for a limited time. Once that time frame is over, the product can be set to Invisible so the public can no longer see it available but those who did opt in or purchase can still continue to access the product afterward. 

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