Here are the exact steps required to create a paid product in MemberVault:

  1. Go to the Product area in your MV Dashboard and select ‘Add Product’
  2. Set the product’s status (active, inactive or invisible)
  3. Set the product’s type (regular, date dripped, time dripped or progressive)
  4. Add the product title
  5. Click ‘Add Product’ to save the product - this will take you to the product's edit page
  6. Upload a product image (recommended)
  7. Complete the product description field
  8. Complete the welcome message field
  9. Set the product’s sign-up option to ‘Payment’
  10. Set the payment option for your product
  11. Add & create any coupons you’d like to offer for each payment option
  12. Select your desired location for the product’s form (below the teaser message or at the top of the page)
  13. Add copy for the ‘buy now’ button in the Button Text field
  14. Complete the Teaser Message for your membership - this is your ‘sales copy’ that outlines the benefits of opting into or purchasing your product
  15. Update the Opt-In Checkbox Area to point to your policy docs or to reference any acknowledgments the user needs to make before purchasing
  16. Complete the provided settings to map new users to the correct list/form in your email account, if applicable 
  17. Add in any tracking pixels, if applicable 
  18. Return to the top of the page to the Modules area and select ‘Add Module’ to create your first module.
  19. Select the module type 
  20. Add the module title
  21. Click ‘Add Module’ to save the module - this will take you to the module's edit page
  22. Upload a module image (optional)
  23. Complete the short description field
  24. Complete the description field
  25. Return to the top of the page and add your first lesson by clicking ‘Add Lesson’
  26. Add the lesson title
  27. Click ‘Add Lesson’ to save the lesson - this will take you to the lesson's edit page
  28. Add your video details, if applicable
  29. Complete the Lesson Text field
  30. Complete the Lesson Activity/Homework field, if required
  31. Upload any resource files to the Lesson File area
  32. Add any required questions to the Quiz Question area
  33. Repeat the lesson process for any lessons required in this first module
  34. Return to the product editing page to add your next module & lessons
  35. Repeat steps 18-32 until you’ve created all of the content for your product
  36. Test your product to ensure it’s ready to be shared
  37. Once ready, share your product with your audience


Question? Reach out to us via email at or using the Chat Support within your MV account.