All modules are made available to a user as soon as they opt-in or purchase the product. 

Date Dripped

Modules are release based on a specific calendar date set within each module's settings. Date dripped modules will release at 12am in the timezone set for your account. 

Time Dripped

Modules are released based on a specific number of days or weeks set within each module's settings. The timeframe set for each time dripped module is relative to the day the user gained access to the product. For example, if you have a module's release set to '1 week', the module will be released 1 week after the user joined the product - not 1 week after the previous module's release.


All modules & lessons must be completed in order. Once lesson is marked complete, the next lesson will be unlocked. Once all lessons with a module are marked complete, the next module will be unlocked.


Access is triggered by the user reaching a specified number of engagement points (EP) within your account as determined by you. 


Questions? Reach out to us via email at or using the Chat Support within your MV account.