As an MV Admin, it's very likely that at some point or another, a user will reach out with a concern regarding your account and their ability to access your products. 

Here are a few common concerns that may come up for your users and ideas for troubleshooting to help you support them:

They've forgotten their password for your account.

1. Guide them to use the 'forgot password' tool on your login page to reset their password.

2. You can reset their password for them by going into their user profile within your Admin account and selecting 'User Information'. 

Note: when you reset a user's password and save the change, the 'reset password' field will return to being blank - this is intentional for security but the password has been saved and can be shared with your user. 

They don't have permission to access the product they are trying to view. 

1. If you have confirmed that they should have access to the product that they are trying to view, you can update their access by going to the Product area in their User Profile and checking off the product they should have access to. 

2. If they haven't previously opted into or purchased the product in question, lead them to the best place to do so (ie. the product's teaser page in MV or the product's sales page if you are using an external site to promote the product).

They no longer have access to a product they once owned. 

1. Check to see if their access has expired for a particular reason - for example, did you only have the product available for a limited time? Or did they cancel their subscription to the product at some point? 

2. Confirm that the product type is set to Active or Invisible. If the product is set to 'inactive' any users who do own the product, will not be able to access it until it is changed to active or invisible.


They can't find the specific product they are looking for.

1. Ensure the product's sign-up type is not set to 'None'. If the product does not have a sign-up option assigned to it, it is essentially closed and will not be seen as an 'Available Product' in your account. 

2. Check to see if the product is set to 'Invisible'. If so, it will not show on your account's Teaser Page and you'll need to give them the direct Teaser Link for the product so they can view the details and opt-in/purchase.