Ready to start making money with your MemberVault account?  This is a step by step guide on how to get all set up.

Although its optional, we recommend Adding a Free Opt-In to build trust with your users and give them a MemberVault account with you.

1.  Go to Products and click on "Add Product"

2.  Add in your Product details

  • Status - Active means its visible to your users when you have selected a Sign Up Option (details below), Inactive keeps it hidden from your users.  Most people just leave this to active.
  • Type - Most products are set to regular, however if you need users to go through in order (progressive), or you're doing a timed challenge (drip) then choose that.
  • Title - Title of the Product
  • Image - Cover image for the product
  • Description - Information on what this product is
  • Welcome Message - A message you want to display to anyone who OWNS the product.
  • EP needed to unlock - Part of the gamification features.  Leave blank for now.

3. Add at least one module

Think of modules as just containers for your lessons.  It's best to use modules to group your lessons in sections, or categories.  If you want to give users a taste of the product, consider adding one or more Teaser Modules.

  • Type - Module will be viewable by only people who own the product.  Teaser Module will be viewable by people who don't own the product (provided the product has a sign up type) . Bonus Module will be viewable by users who have earned a certain amount of EP in that product (more on gamification later)
  • Title - Title of the module
  • Image - Cover image for the module
  • Short Description - This will be the text that shows up when viewing the product and seeing the list of modules
  • Description - This will be the text that shows up when a user has clicked INTO the module.

4. Add at least one lesson

All engagement and tracking is done at the Lesson level, so it's important that all of your important content is contained in a lesson.  If this is a simple module that doesn't have "multiple lessons", simply just add ONE lesson and give it the same title as the module title.  MemberVault will then automatically open this lesson when someone clicks into the module (saving your user a click).

Strategy wise, it's best to break up your content into as many lessons as you can.  Not only is this better for your users to learn, but it also allows you to see which content is the most popular.

  • Title - Title of lesson
  • Video Type - If the main part of your lesson is video, you can choose your video type here.  We natively support YouTube and Vimeo, but also allow you to embed whatever video code you have.
  • Video ID - If you are using YouTube or Vimeo, supply just the ID of the video (not the entire URL).  You'll see a successful preview when the correct ID is in there.
  • Lesson Text - This is the main content area of the lesson.  You can embed anything you want here, use text styling, upload images, and even embed video players and audio.
  • Lesson Activity / Homework - Is there an actionable item your users can do after the lesson?  If not, just leave blank.

5. Add Files and Questions (optional)

After you add your lesson, you are given the option to add downloadable files to this lesson, and add quiz questions.

  • Lesson Files - If you have documents or files that go with your lesson, simply name them and upload them here.  There is NO limit on size or number of uploads
  • Quiz Questions - One of the best ways to boost engagement, and start developing a relationship with your users is to use quiz questions.  You can add Essay (open ended) questions or Multiple Choice questions.  Lessons cannot be marked complete until these quiz questions are filled out, and multiple choice questions have been answered correctly.  Most people use this to ask open ended questions to their users, but when multiple choice questions are paired with a progressive product type, you can have a legit course with testing.

6. Preview your product

Once all of your modules/lessons are in, click "Products" on the left hand menu to get back to the main list.  Click on the gear icon.  In the pop up screen you'll click on the "Preview Product" button.  This will open up a new window and allow you to go through the user experience as if you owned the product.

7. Connect to Stripe (optional)

If you plan on using MemberVault's built in Payment Forms, you'll need to connect to Stripe or PayPal  To do that, simply Click on "Settings" and "Payment Integration".  Click on the "Connect to Stripe" button.  This should allow you to log in and give MemberVault access to make charges for you.  If all goes well, you should be redirected back to the Settings Page with a message that you are connected.

8. Connect to PayPal (optional)

If you plan on using MemberVault's built in Payment Forms, you'll need to connect to Stripe or PayPal  To do that, simply Click on "Settings" and "Payment Integration".  Enter in your API Username, API Password, and Signature.  If you're not sure where to get these, click on the provided link and log in.

9. Select a Sign Up Type

Now that your product looks great, click "Edit" on the product and find "Sign Up Options".  By default this is set to None meaning that people who do not own this yet, won't be able to see it or sign up for it.  The EASIEST way to handle this for a paid product is to select "Payment".  This will allow users to purchase and get instant access to your product.  If you have your own sales page you want to direct them to, select "Link".

  • Price - The numeric price for your product.  (do not include $ or other special characters)
  • Type - "One Time" is for for products with a fixed one time price.  "Recurring Monthly" will charge the above amount every month, which is great for membership sites.
  • Button Text - What you want the actual button to sign up says
  • Teaser Message - Users will see the product description in the main area, but if they click into the product to learn more (and don't own it yet), they will see this message.  Use this to tell them more and entice them to purchase.  Users who own this product will NOT see this..

8. Get the word out!

Congratulations!  Your paid product is ready to sell and have people purchase.  You can grab the direct link to this product by going back to the "Products" page, clicking on the gear, and copying the "Teaser Link.

If you have multiple products, you might want to send them to browse and sign up/buy ALL of your products.  To get that url, simply log out, and click on the "View Teaser Content" button on the Login Page.  It will be your account URL + "/teaser".   (ex.

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