If you are using MemberVault for a membership site, or resource area for your clients, you might have a need to share your google calendar with them.  We've made it very easy for you to embed your calendar (or anything else) into anywhere in your MemberVault account.

1. Log into your Google Calendar account, and click the settings gear.

2. Select the calendar you want to share on the left hand side, and choose "Integrate Calendar".  Highlight and copy "Embed Code"

3.  Edit any product, module or lesson inside of MemberVault and inside any of the editors place your cursor where you want to embed the calendar, and click "Insert/edit media"

4.  Choose the "Embed" option from the top, and paste in your embed code from step 2.  And press "Ok".

5.  Confirm the calendar is where you want it and make sure to Save the product, module or lesson.  Preview your product to ensure everything looks the way you want.  MemberVault will AUTOMATICALLY adjust the width of your calendar to fit the users screen.

That's it!  You can follow step 3 - 5 to embed pretty much anything you like from calendars, to google forms, and custom videos.

Still confused?  Something not working?  Can we make this better? Please reach out and let us know!  When logged into your account, click on the chat icon, ask your question in our Facebook Collaborative Group, or send us an email at hello@membervault.co