Welcome to MemberVault, the fastest growing Relationship Marketing Platform.  This strategy has been proven to boost engagement and make you MORE SALES.

The Old Way

You likely have some content that you give away for free as a way to get people onto your list and build trust.  These freebies are typically just emailed, or on a hidden page of your website which doesn't really help you engage your customers or sell at the right time.

The MemberVault Way

Instead, we encourage you to upload your freebies to MemberVault, and prompt your users to log in there to check out the freebie.  Once inside, they'll see the freebie they wanted, but they'll also see teaser content and links to buy/engage with you more.

This puts the customer into a "Binge and Buy" mode.  You're making it easy for them to binge on your content, build trust, and buy more of what they like.  When paired with an email strategy, you have a powerful and responsive selling machine.  Below is a quick example of how MemberVault can fit into your business:

3 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Binge and Buy Marketplace

Again, like a traditional sales funnel, you're sending all your leads to a free opt in.  But that opt in lives inside of your MemberVault account along with your other offers.  Most buyers will buy in the same day they opted in for the freebie.  And for those who don't, you can follow up by email to nudge them back into your account.

Quick Podcast Episode Explaining how MemberVault is different than the traditional sales funnel