While MemberVault offers all the basic sign up and payment options in-house, you might want to use your own landing/sales page.  There are 3 basic steps to having this set up.

1. Set your product's sign up option to "Link", then supply the URL of wherever your landing/sales page is.  All the other teaser content rules apply.  But instead of having a form, your teaser content will have a button that links out to wherever you have the URL set to.

2. Let MemberVault know who gets access to what.  This is where you have some options.  Remember that after MemberVault sends the user to the landing/sales page, it doesn't know what happens after that.  So we have to somehow get a message back to MemberVault letting them know X person gets access to Z.

All of these options are outlined inside your account at Settings / Advanced Integration for reference.  But the 2 main ways to get a message back to MemberVault are through your Email Service or Zapier

Email Service:  When someone buys or signs up through most platforms, they usually allow you to add a tag in your Email Service or at least put that person on a list so you can communicate with them.  If you are using ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, or Infusionsoft, we can tap into that action and automatically give them access to a product in MemberVault.   Each service is different, so check Settings / Advanced Integration for step by step on your tool.

Zapier: If you are not using a supported email service, or doing something more complex, you can use zapier.  If you are unfamiliar with zapier, it's basically a service that connects tools together.  MemberVault has a zapier application and step by step instructions can be found in Settings / Advanced Integration.  Almost every tool has a zapier application so you can hook up almost anything to MemberVault.

Note: Our Zapier app is currently by invite only. To access the link to our private app, please go to your admin dashboard to Settings > Advanced Integration > Zapier. There you will find the invite link you require to access the app and the API details you will need to set up your MV account in Zapier. At this time, our Zapier app is strictly an action-based app. This means it can only receive information from another app. It cannot be used as a trigger to send information to another app.  

3.  Let your user know they have access.  MemberVault does not send ANY emails directly from our platform to your user, so you'll want to email them to let them know their login information.  By default everyone's username and password are default set to their email address, and they log in the same URL you do.  (all of this is outlined in Settings / Advanced Integration as well)

MemberVault is smart enough to create a new account if the user is not in your system yet.  And if the user IS already in the system, it will just add access to the new product to the account they already have.  ( We identify everyone by email address, and there can never be 2 accounts with the same email. )