Most access inside of MemberVault will be automatic from your sign up forms or other integration.  But sometimes you just want to manually give someone access to a product.  Here is the quick step by step on how to do it.

1.  Find the User

On the left hand side, click "Users", then "List".  You'll see a list of all your users.  You can search any part of the name or email in the search field.  Once you find the user, click on "Edit" to the right of their name.

2.  Give Access

Click the "Products" section to expand it.  Find the product you want to give access too, and check the box next to it.  Click "Save User"

That's IT!  The next time that user logs into MemberVault, they'll see that they own that product. 

If the user doesn't exist in your MemberVault yet, simply click on "Add User" for Step 1 and the rest is the same!