Adding quiz questions are one of the BEST ways to boost engagement and get great feedback from your users.  Adding them to your MemberVault is simple!

To add a quiz question, simply edit ANY lesson, and you'll see it on the right hand side under the Lesson Files section.

Click "Add Question" and you'll be able to choose from two types of questions.  Multiple Choice and Essay.

Multiple Choice - You can add multiple options for users to choose from.  The user will be able to select multiple selections when they answer on their end.  You as the admin can dictate which answers are acceptable.

Lessons cannot be marked complete until the user selects at least ONE of the correct choices.  The two main ways to use multiple choice questions are to test that a user understands the content (there is only 1 correct selection), OR for easy feedback (give them multiple options, and they're all marked correct)

Essay - This is the most common type of quiz question used on MemberVault.  Essay questions simply give the user an open-ended way to respond to the question.  MemberVault will make sure they type SOMETHING in before it can be marked complete.  This is best used for getting user feedback, and learning more about someone.  Even if you simply add an essay question at the end of a module that says "What was your biggest takeaway?", or "What would have made this better?", you'll get amazing feedback.

At this time, quiz questions cannot be used to upload files - however, your people can provide links to cloud files (ie. Google Drive files, Dropbox, etc.) as their answer to an essay question so you can access & review the file.

Also see: How to Review & Manage Your Quiz Answers

Questions? Reach out to us at, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.