You might be using MemberVault as a membership site and might want the ability for your users to comment and interact with each other inside one of your products, module or lessons.  While this isn't natively available inside of MemberVault, it's easy to integrate a 3rd party plugin to do this.

Enter . You might have used this software without knowing it, as its a popular choice for many blogs and other platforms.  You can create an account for free and have it up and running in your MemberVault in minutes.  Heres how:

1.  Create an account, and choose "I want to install Disqus on my site"

2.  It will ask you what platform your site is on.  Scroll to the bottom and choose the universal code option.

3.  Highlight and copy the blurb of code displayed.

4.  Head on over to MemberVault and go into any text editor you want your comments to show up in.  Click the "Source code" button <>

5. Locate where you want your comments to be in the code.  Our advice is to just scroll to the very bottom and paste in your code there.

6.  Click OK, then save the Product, module or lesson, and go ahead and check it out.  It should look like this.

Feel free to check out this example at: If you have a MemberVault account, you should be able to just log in with your email address for both username and password!

Questions? Reach out to us at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.