Adding Teaser Modules to a product is one of the best ways to convert a "Hot Lead" into a sale.  You can easily add a Teaser Module(s) to any of the products you have already.

Edit the Product

Click on "Products" and click "Edit" next to the product you want to add Teaser Modules for.  On the right-hand side, find the "Modules" section, and click "Add Module"

Add the Module

When you add a new Module, change the type to "Teaser Module", and give it a title.  Adding content to this module is identical to adding content to ANY module.  Remember that you'll want to have all of your content in Lessons, even if you only have ONE lesson.  The Module level is really just there to group this content, and provide an image and small description.

Organize Modules

Technically, you're done now, but it's best practice to use the "arrow" icons to drag the Teaser Modules up to the top of the list.  This way it's easy for you to see and manage them.

User's View

To check out your new teaser module, simply grab the teaser link for this product.  (go back to products, click the gear icon and get the Publicly Viewable Link).  

Now users who are looking at the teaser page AND users who are logged in and do NOT own the product will see the teaser module and be able to view it.

*Special Note*
Once a user has access to the product which contains the teaser module, they will no longer see the teaser module at the top of all other modules.

Instead, the teaser module is moved below the 'Welcome Message' area in the left-hand column and is collapsed by default. It is essentially removed from the main content of the product as it's intended to just be a 'taste of what's included'. 

Questions? Reach out to us at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.