If you have a webinar replay, workshop or other type video freebie that leads into selling a product, you can set that up as Teaser Content.  This way users who don't yet own the product can go through the video, download any files that go along with it, AND buy the full product all in the same place.

Set up the Teaser Module

Follow the steps here first to set up the teaser module for the product.

How to Add Teaser Modules to a Product

Set up the Lesson

Click Edit next to the Teaser Module, and click "Add Lesson".  If you only have one video, give this Lesson the same title as the module (so it automatically opens for the user).

Once inside the Lesson, we recommend using YouTube or Vimeo to host your video.  It will be the best experience for your users.  You can use unlisted videos in YouTube, and private videos in Vimeo if you like.  You can also set the Video Type to "Other" and use pretty much any type of embeddable video player.  (Loom, Wistia, Google Drive, etc)

You should see a preview of the video as soon as you get the right type and ID in there.

Use Lesson Text to give the user any other information they need to know about the video, and of course explain the benefits of upgrading to the paid version, etc.

You can also, optionally add in Lesson Activity / Homework if you have it. This is also a great place to embed commenting if you want that (how to add commenting)

Adding Files

If your video has any worksheets or other downloads associated with it, this is the time to add them.  On the right hand side you'll see "Lesson Files".  You can add as many and whatever type of files you want there.  These will mostly commonly be PDFs / Images.

Adding Questions

We can't stress the importance of questions enough!  This creates a bond between you and your user at the time they're at their most engaged.

There is no need to overthink this.  Just think about what you want to know from your user.  Here is a chance to ask them questions you'd usually send in a survey (that most people delete).

So even just asking "What was your biggest take away from this video?" will amaze you with the answers you'll get.