If you have activated at least one of your products for affiliate tracking, your people will be able to view their affiliate details and access their affiliate link for the product(s) under your MV site's Affiliate Center. 

Your people will find the option to access your Affiliate Center under their user menu when logged into your account:

When they click through to your Affiliate Center, they will see the products you currently have set-up for affiliate track along with their specific link for each noted product, payout amount, # of clicks, and # of conversions. They will also see the details regarding any Pending Commissions they are owed and any Past Commissions paid. 

When a product's affiliate link is clicked by someone it was shared with, the potential customer will land on the product's page and a tracking cookie is set for 30 days on that device.  If the potential customer purchasers the product within that 30-day window, the affiliate will receive the conversion for that referral.

Also see: Using MV's Affiliate Tracking Feature

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