If the owner of the account has enabled at least one affiliate product, you will see a new navigation item called "Affiliate Center".  When clicked, you will see all the products that can be shared, info about them, basic stats on clicks and conversions.

Each product has it's own unique link, so you can share whatever product you want directly.

When one of these links are clicked,  the customer will land on the teaser page for that product, and a cookie is set for 30 days on that device.  Whenever that customer is browsing the teaser content, they will see "Referred By: X" in the upper right hand corner if that cookie is still valid.  Anything they sign up for / buy will be tracked to you.

You can go back to the Affiliate Center at any time to check the stats, and see what conversions you have made.  You can also see your pending commissions, and commissions already paid.