In short, yes - they both do. In MemberVault, any person who can log in counts as a user, regardless of what products they have access to or if those products are free or paid.

Think of MemberVault users like email subscribers.  All email platforms charge based on how many subscribers you have, regardless if they open your emails or not.  We work the same way.

There is tremendous value in having all of your subscribers in MemberVault.  Accounts that add all of their subscribers have more engagement and more sales.  We have worked really hard to make the user limits high for each plan, and if you do go over your limit, you have a week to decide to upgrade or remove users.  We truly believe that using MemberVault in this way will give you the best ROI and the most success.

What if I'm not ready to upgrade?

We completely understand if you're not ready to invest in an upgrade yet and we'll never force anyone into a decision.

Even though the numbers show us that MemberVault works best with all of your subscribers, you have a couple of options when starting your new account.

  1.  Import only a portion of your list to test out.  Some people treat this like a dry run, or Beta.  Choose a segment of your most engaged subscribers to give it a good test.  You can import them using a CSV file.
  2. Don't import anyone, but send an email campaign inviting your users to sign up for one of your free products. To learn how to share your free product, click here. This way users will sign themselves up and you won't have to worry about adding users who don't log in.  When you hit your limit, you'll get an email letting you know and you'll have a week to decide to either upgrade your account or reduce your user list to 100ppl or less.  

Still have questions? Reach out using the Chat Support within your account or by email at or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.