While you CAN use MemberVault as a completely stand alone tool, it becomes much more powerful when you integrate it with other tools.  There are 2 main ways to integrate with MemberVault:  Incoming and Outgoing Integrations.

Incoming Integrations (Advanced Integration)
- The purpose of this type of integration is to automatically add/remove users and control what content they have access to.  Since every business is different, we let YOU choose the workflow of how/when users get added.

For instance, you might want to add a user to a free piece of content after signing up for your email list.  You might want to add a user to a course after purchasing a product from PayPal.  You might be using ClickFunnels and want to add a user to a bundle if they convert on a certain page.  MemberVault supports whatever your incoming "funnel" is by using its open API.  This is also why MemberVault does NOT directly take payments, or have sales pages.  We let you use whatever your favorite tools and workflows are, and focus on what we do best.... delivering content to your users.

We natively support and have step-by-step instructions for adding users from ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign and Drip, and anything else can be covered by using Zapier.  If you are using a custom application, you can use the Generic Web Hooks.  Simply go to Settings -> Advanced Integration for visual step by step on each.

Outgoing Integrations (Email Tagging) - The purpose of this type of integration is to automatically add tags to users in your email system based on activity or inactivity inside MemberVault.

All outgoing email tags can now be fully controlled in MemberVault Actions.