One of our core beliefs as a company is that everyone should have a voice at the table -- and there are many communities whose voices are typically suppressed and silenced, such as those from the Black and Hispanic communities, and the LGBQT+ communities. 

That is why we now offer 100% off our Pro+ monthly plan for organizations that are dedicated to supporting those communities by fighting racism and social injustice. We are invested in changing the status quo, and bringing all voices to the table. This is one way we are supporting that movement.

Does your business qualify? 
There are a lot of definitions and grey areas for the term "social injustice". 

To be clear -- to qualify for this complimentary MemberVault Pro+ monthly plan, your organization or business must be specifically dedicated to fighting racism by providing support and resources around that topic, and/or supporting other communities/people specifically around the discrimination they are experiencing due to a specific characteristic, such as gender or sexuality.

If you do not qualify for the above, but are a registered non-profit -- know that we also have a 50% off discount available for registered non-profits, for all paid monthly plans. We believe doing good in the world is incredibly important, and want to support you in doing so! 

To apply for the 100% off or the registered non-profit plan option, please share your info here.

*Please note, these discounts are not applicable for our lifetime licenses. If you have any questions, please reach out to