Great news, MVers! ūüéČ

You can now customize the thank you message that is shown after someone opts into or purchases your product. 

For any products that have the sign-up option set to 'Form' or 'Payment' (ie. free or paid products), just scroll down below the opt-in checkbox area in your product's settings page and you will now see a 'Thank You Message' area. 

The thank you message appears in place of the opt-in or purchase form after someone completes the process to join your product. 

In the thank you message area in your product's settings, you can now fully customize this message from the default that MV provides. The text editor provides you with all the same abilities that you have for formatting within your products. You can change font color, add a header, include hyperlinks, graphics, etc. 

Below the copy you add to the thank you message area, MV will automatically insert the 'View Product Now' button that you see in the above screenshot. This is not something that you can currently amend or omit. 

Here's an example of a customized thank you message:

Here are a couple of tips for customizing your Thank You Pages:

  • Try and keep your thank you messages short. You don't want your people having to scroll to read your thank you message.
  • Specific welcome details and information about the product itself should be shared in the product's welcome message and not the thank you message. 
  • Use the thank you message to reference & link to another product's page within your MV Site as an 'upsell' opportunity. 
  • Include a special coupon code to help entice people to take advantage of any 'upsell' opportunity reference. Only people who join the initial product will see the thank you message so this is a great way to reward those who took action and joined your product. 
  • Embed a short & sweet thank you video from yourself to add a personal touch and help make the person feel connected to you - but keep it under 30 secs. 

Questions? Reach out to us at, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.