If you have a person who has joined your time-dripped product and you need to adjust their start date, not to worry - this is something you can do under their User Profile. 

(note - drip start dates can only be amended for time-dripped products and not date-dripped products).

Head over to their User Profile by going to Users > List, searching for the person in question and then clicking 'edit' to open their User Profile area. 

Once inside their User Profile area, open their list of products by clicking on the 'Products' section. This area will expand and will display all of your products and denote which ones this person has access to with a check in the checkmark box beside the product name. 

Locate the time-dripped product and in the right-hand column, you'll see the option to add a new Drip Start Date for that particular person. 

When you click on the empty field under the 'Drip Start' column, a calendar widget will appear to allow you to select the new start date required.

Here's what happens if you pick a date in the past or in the future:

Date in the Past: This will release any modules that are set to open within the period of time (weeks or days). For example, if you set some's drip date to 2 months in the past, any modules in your time-dripped product that are set to release within the first 2 months of someone having access will become available for this person.

Date in the Future: This will delay the start of the time-dripped schedule appropriately for this particular person. For example, if your second module is scheduled to release 2 weeks after someone joins the product and you change the person's start date from June 1st to August 1st - the 2nd module will now release on August 14th. 

Questions? Reach out to us at hello@membervault.co, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.