Short for "Engagement Points", EP is MemberVault's way of determining how engaged someone is within your account or within a particular product.

As a user, you can see how much EP you have earned at all times by looking at the header bar.  You'll see total EP and then EP broken down by product when you click on the total # of EP button.  If the admin has the Leader Board turned on, you'll also see how your total EP compares to others. The Leader Board shows the top 10 most engaged users within the account by first name only. If preferred, you can choose to remove yourself from this list using the option at the bottom of the Leader Board.

How is EP earned?

EP is earned one point at a time based on certain actions.  Here are the events that earn you 1 EP:

  • Viewing a lesson (can be repeated once a day)
  • Marking a lesson as complete
  • Completing all lessons in a module
  • Completing all content in a product (all lessons & modules)

As an Admin, engagement tracking opens up many abilities to use Gamification to motivate your users so they remain engaged with your content. 

Trying to determine the 'EP Value' for one of your products or modules? Check out this article

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