Your MV Site Footer is not something to be overlooked. This area completes the look of your account and provides your people with access to additional ways to connect with you. 

Here are the steps to set-up your account's footer area:

  1. Click 'Appearance' in your navigation menu and select 'Footer'.

  2. Complete the About Text area by including 2-3 short sentences about what you do or who you serve.

  3. Next, add in any external links you wish to include under your 'Links' section. This is a great place to reference your website link, links to your legal docs (ie. terms of service, privacy statements, etc.) or to promote your podcast, etc. Please ensure that you include the necessary 'https://' or 'http://' on all links. If you exclude these prefixes, your links will not work properly when clicked by your people on your MV Site.

  4. Last but not least, add in the links to your various social media accounts. Any fields you leave blank (as shown in our example) will not appear in your footer so you only need to provide links to those channels that you wish to promote on your MV Site. You do not need to provide an account for each channel mentioned.

    Here's how all of the above sections/details will translate to the site's footer area once completed:

    Although each section is considered 'optional', we do recommend adding something to each section - even if just 1-2 links and a short sentence in the About Text. Leaving a section of the Footer void of info will create an empty column on your site and cause your footer to appear incomplete as shown here:

Completing the Footer area of your MV Site really completes the experience for your people and also gives you a way to share more information about you, your business and how to connect with you with them. As with the other areas associated with the Appearance of your account, have fun with this area. Great creative and use it to share valuable info and links with your visitors. 

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If you'd like additional guidance on all of the available 'Appearance' Settings, here is a great video walk-thru that was created for pre-existing members to help them make the transition from MV's old design to our new design. While a few slight things have changed (or been added) since this video was done, it will still offer you some additional insight into these various areas that are available to you under your 'Appearance' settings.

Questions? Reach out to us at, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.