One of the most frequent questions we get asked is "How can I see what my people see?" and our Preview Mode is a fantastic answer for this.

Using the Preview feature will allow you to see what your visitors or your people (those who already have accounts and access to products) see when interacting with your MemberVault site. You can customize your Preview experience by toggling your products to different statuses (owned, available or invisible). 

How to Access Preview Mode:

  1. Head to your MV admin dashboard. 
  2. Click 'Appearance' and select 'Preview Account'.

  3. This will open a Preview of your account in a new browser tab/window.
  4.  Your initial view upon opening 'Preview Mode' will be defaulted to your main product's page and will display only those products which are considered 'Available' (ie. products you've set to 'active').

    A message appears at the top of the Preview page to remind you that you are in 'Preview Mode'.

How to Customize Your View in 'Preview Mode':

  1. In the header of your Preview page, click 'options'.

  2. This will cause a slide-out menu to appear from the left.

  3. Toggle your products to different statuses to customize what products you can see on your main product's page and access to preview.

    Owned - will show under 'My Products' and shows you the product from the perspective of someone who has access to it (has opted in or purchased). When a product is marked to 'owned', you will be able to engage with the content as your people would once they own the product.

    Available - displays under 'Available Products' and from the perspective of someone who does not yet have access to the product (ie. will display the product's teaser message but the content is not accessible for you to preview/engage with).

    Invisible - these products are hidden from your main products page and cannot be seen/previewed.

  4. You can also enable/disable the drip nature of any product you have set to date or time dripped or progressive by scrolling to the bottom of the Options menu and toggling the drip setting. By default, this is set to show your products with the drip enabled.

  5. Once you have adjusted your desired settings, scroll to the bottom of the menu and click 'Save Options' or by clicking the 'x' at the top of the menu.

You can adjust your Preview options as much as you like until you've been able to preview each of the products you wish to. Once you're done previewing your account & products, simply close the Preview tab in your browser and return to the browser tab where you have your Admin account open.

The next time you return to Preview Mode, the view will default to the last settings you had in place. 

Questions? Reach out to us at, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.