We recommend that when testing your site & products you always do so in Desktop view AND Mobile view. 

[Looking for more in-depth info on 'HOW' best to test your account & products? Click here.]

Although MemberVault is fully mobile-responsive, the experience within your site and products is different on mobile devices than it is on a desktop computer. It's important that you have just as good of an understanding of the mobile experience offered by your MV site so you can support your people as best as possible and ensure you are happy with how your settings appear in both experiences (desktop vs. mobile). 

There are two ways you can test the mobile experience offered by your MV site:

Method #1:

  1. On your phone or tablet, open your preferred browser. 
  2. Navigate to your MV site (https://'yoursubdomain'.vipmembervault.com, for example) and view your main product's page or log in as a test user.

  3. Go through the product experience just as a member of your audience would.
    [ie. access a product > review the layout of the product's page > open a module > open a lesson, etc.]
  4. Make notes of anything you wish to change or revise. 
  5. Return to your Admin account and make any updates you made note of. 
  6. Test again on your mobile device to ensure your changes provided the improvements you were seeking. If necessary, repeat this process until you are fully happy with the mobile experience offered on your MV site. 

Method #2:

If you do not have a mobile device close at hand, you can replicate the mobile experience on your desktop computer by adjusting the size of your browser window. 

  1. Open a new browser window and navigate to your MV site, if you do not already have it open. 
  2. Using the resize option in the top right corner, reduce the size of your browser window.

    Depending on your computer, this should reduce the browser size to approximately half which is a good indication of what your account will like on a tablet.

  3. Using the resize tool along the edges of your browser screen, adjust the width of your browser (ie. drag the edge to make the window more narrow) so that it mimics that of a phone screen. You will see your MV site layout adjust accordingly to fit the new size of the browser window.

  4. Continue to follow the steps in Method #1 (starting at Step 3) to test the mobile experience within your site and products.

We suggest that you test your site's mobile experience whenever you make significant changes to your products or branding as it's very likely that at least 50% of your people will access your account from their mobile device. You want to ensure that their experience is an ideal one instead of only focusing on those who will access the desktop version of your site. 

Questions? Reach out to us at hello@membervault.co, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.