For a complete overview, read Adding a Free Opt-In

  1. Add a new product (or click edit if you've already added it)
  2. Under Type, choose if you'd like your challenge to be Timed, or Date Drip OR (our favorite) Progressive.
  3. Give it a title, image and description (who is it for and what can they expect from it) and click Add Product
  4. Add a new Module
  5. Decide either what date it unlocks, or how many drip days (remember to keep the first module at 0 days so its available). If you choose Progressive, that means people will be able to binge on their own schedule, starting with the first module, BUT they have to complete them in order.
  6. Give the module a title (ex "Start Here") and optional module image if you have one (not necessary but definitely makes it look more pro!).
  7. Add a new Lesson
  8. If using video, select your video type and ID, and make sure the preview shows the video.  You can put lesson text, quiz questions and downloads in as well.
  9. Go back to the module, and add lessons until module is complete. Pro tip: If there is only one lesson, we recommend making the module and lesson title the same so that your user will skip right over the module level and go right into the lesson.
  10. Go back to the product and add more modules if you have them. Most challenges use a module per day, but you can always get creative in how you set up your challenge -- perhaps each module is focused on a desired OUTCOME! #ThinkingCap

And that's a wrap! We recommend that you add a little extra engagement to your challenge by incorporating a bonus module (here's how), or a bonus product unlocked when they complete the challenge (here's how to trigger the reward email, and you would also choose "unlock product" when setting up your rules in actions...way easier than it sounds 🤣).

We ALWAYS recommend including essay quiz questions for market research, personalized reach outs and feedback purposes (i.e. now that you've gone through the X challenge, what are you going to focus on next? AND/OR is there anything else I should know about your experience with X?).

But otherwise, that's it! 🙌

Still confused?  Something not working?  Can we make this better?Please reach out and let us know!  When logged into your account, click on the chat icon, ask your question in our Facebook Collaborative Group, or send us an email at