Your account's 'Welcome Area' is a powerful way to introduce yourself and your business to those visiting your MV site for the first time.

Your people can choose to collapse or expand the 'Welcome Area' at their discretion. 

How to Set-Up Your Welcome Area:

  1. Click the 'Appearance' option in your navigation menu and then select 'Welcome Area'.

  2. Add your Welcome Title(this will appear in larger, bold font as in the example above) followed by your Welcome Text (the main content of your 'Welcome Area'). 

  3. Next, add an image (even a GIF) or video to the Welcome Media area:

    If you'd prefer not to add any media to your 'Welcome Area', just skip this setting. When there is no media included in the 'Welcome Area', the system will automatically center your written message on the screen as shown here:

  4. Finally, if you'd like clickable buttons included in your welcome area, complete the fields for the Primary & Secondary buttons.

    The Primary Button is intended to lead to a specific product in your account. In the text field, add the copy you want to appear on the button. Then select which product you want that button to lead to. When clicked, it will direct the person to that product's main page where they can subscribe/purchase.

    The Secondary Button is more flexible and can either lead to an external link (for example, a specific page on your website) or you can link it to another product within your MV site using that product's link. Complete both fields for the button to be functional.

    Don't want the buttons to appear at all? No worries. Just leave the button text fields and location/URL fields empty for both buttons or even just one.

  5. If you've chosen to have buttons included in your 'Welcome Area', the final step is to set the branding of these buttons.

    The Primary Button will display with the exact branding set by these color fields and the Secondary Button will be an inverse of these settings.

  6. Once you've addressed all of the settings for your 'Welcome Area', you'll want to adjust the Show Welcome Area setting at the top of the page to 'yes'.  Even with all of the content completed, your 'Welcome Area' will not show if this setting is still set to 'no'.

Woohoo! 🎉 That's it - you've set-up your Welcome Area.

*NOTE* - The background color & text color for the Welcome Area is connected to your Header settings under the 'Branding' area. If you notice that your text is not appearing in your Welcome Area, please make sure that you do not have the Header Text & Header Background settings set to the same color. This will cause your Welcome Area (and Header Text) to appear as if it were missing. 

Ideas on How to Best Utilize Your 'Welcome Area':

  • WELCOME TITLE - A friendly, short greeting! Consider emoji use if it fits.
  • WELCOME TEXT - Your tagline, context around the product you chose for the (below) primary button and a call to action leading into the primary button.
  • WELCOME MEDIA (PICTURE/VIDEO) - Ideally a picture of you, or a welcome video...but let's face it, a lot of us don't have that ready yet. So, know that a gif works great there till you have something better. 🤣 OR you can choose to not have a welcome media.
  • PRIMARY BUTTON - This is a dropdown option of your products, so be thinking about your signature opt-in or freebie for this one. This is perfect for focusing on list growth and driving visitors to your most ideal 'place to start'.
  • SECONDARY BUTTON - This can be a link to anything but we recommend it being a link to a teaser module (preferably on the product you chose for the primary button).

Questions? Reach out to us at, via the chat support within your Admin account or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.