Our chat and email support will be a little slower than usual from Dec 21st thru Jan 5th -- and we will be officially OFFLINE the following days: Dec 24th - 26th and Dec 31st - Jan 1st

When we started talking about holiday hours as a team, Katrina said "these are the days I'm taking off with my other clients, but I know we can't really do that with MV".

And I nodded my head...and then though, WAIT. WHY THE HECK NOT.

In this culture of hustle 24/7 go gog go gogogogogogogogoogog BUYBUYBUYBUY fomo, we're ALLLLLL stressed and overwhelmed and often not doing our best work because of it.

And that's a disservice.

Yes, we're a tech tool. Yes, we pride ourselves on our customer support.

But we also want to question the status quo when it needs to be questioned. So we're taking rather lengthy holiday hours, and have stopped implementation work on anything that isn't re-design till Jan.

And it feels darn good!

How do YOU handle holiday hours, Michael? I'd love to hear more about whether you're taking time off and how over here.